Alanna: The First Adventure

I’m not exactily in the mood for clever titles this time. Alanna rocked my socks off, and I want to share it with y’all.

Tamora Pierce’s Alanna: The First Adventure follows Allana of Trebond on her journey to defy the norms by switching places with her brother to become a knight of the kingdom of Tortall. In a world where women are expected to learn how to be proper ladies, Alanna has to use her brains and perserverence to rise abover her peers, hold her own against bullies and intimidating teachers, and explore her Gift (her connection to magic) while keeping her identity a secret.

Pierce’s books have inspired countless young girls to push through the murky patriarchy of the modern world with honor and confidence. Alanna earns the trust of her fellow pages and her teachers through her actions, whether she’s holding up for her friends or standing up for herself.

Another of Pierce’s strengths is her worldbuilding. Rarely does it feel like raw exposition. Readers can trust that places or people mentioned in passing will return in the future, be it the intricacies of palace life, the seedy underworld of the capital, or how magic works.

As I continue reading the Song of the Lioness (there’s four books total), I’m sure my reviews will get longer. I can only hope that, much like Alanna, the tone of the books will develop alongside the audience that grew up reading them as they came out.


If you’ve read Alanna: The First Adventure, let me know what your thoughts are. Share if you liked it!

I’m always looking for new stories, no matter the medium. If you know of any great books, movies, or video games that you absolutely love, let me know in the comments and, if I haven’t checked it out, I’ll add it to the list!

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