A Month Unable to Write, and Finding Ways to Get Back Into It

Four weeks.

It’s been nearly four weeks, and very few words have flowed through my fingertips. I’ve had writers block before, but nothing quite like this.



How can something like this happen?

It all started with the Orlando nightclub shooting. Something about that tragedy resonated with me in a way that none of the other mass shootings, and it didn’t stop there.

Three more highly publicized gun-related incidents dominated every facet of society, the election grew more and more spiteful and intense on both sides, and a smattering of other incidents weighed heavier and heavier on me, to the point where the blank page looked more and more like a black hole.

I would sit down to write Felix, and even though the picture was in my head, it didn’t translate onto the page. I would write a brand new scene for Elements, and Fenn and Irana would fight all of my decisions. Normally I can negotiate with them, but my heart just wasn’t in it. I even finished a short story that I’m planning on submitting to contests or magazines, but it still doesn’t feel right.

It’s not like I didn’t do any writing whatsoever.I had to write plenty for my ‘real job’, which is tedious and  I’ve still been putting up reviews (which you should definitely read), but that’s not the same as creating something.

I also did some editing for Elements, mostly grammar and plot-related things. The brand new sections, however, fought me at every turn.

It’s not a good feeling, let me tell you.

I knew I needed to be writing to completel my manuscript, but I couldn’t do it. If I did a bit more research, maybe I could find a contest or a magazine to submit my story to? Nope. Surely I could mess around with formatting some of my stories into a short story collection? Wrong.

I felt guilty for not being available for my writing group. I let myself down since I started on my career path, yet I’m not working actively at it.

You know, the usual stuff.


So what do you do when you’re completely and utterly stuck in everything writing related?

I had to find something to take my mind completely off of everything that was going on, and that meant getting out of my house.

I go for walks when I’m feeling antsy. I joined a climbing gym, because everyone I know who climbs seems really put together, and they’re in great shape.

I’m getting back into running after dealing with a bad calf, because I know how fantastic running is for me.

I even tried yoga. Yeah, yoga. It’s actually damn relaxing, even though I feel like the Tin Man whenever I change positions compared to literally everyone else.

The reviews are actually really helpful, too. Since I’m reading or seeing new movies or playing new games, I get a bit of a distraction from everything.

Suffice it to say, I’m getting back into it. I’ve got a new review coming out tomorrow. Elements will be ready for beta readers at the end of the month, and then I can start formatting Felix to get it out there to you guys. Keep an eye out for those announcements.


2 thoughts on “A Month Unable to Write, and Finding Ways to Get Back Into It

  1. That’s all you can do, isn’t it – keep pushing through until eventually you get the break you’ve been waiting for. Hopefully you’re back in business by now, but if not, don’t stress too much about it, just keep writing and soon enough things happen on their own. Sometimes or brains just need to catch up 🙂

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