Best News Ever!



I recently participated in Jeff Goins’  ‘My 500 Words’ Challenge. One of the challenges was to write about waiting. In this particular case, I wrote about the long wait to hear back about an offer for the best job ever.

How about you? What was the best news you had to wait for? Write about it, and share it below (if you dare)!

Dorm rooms in Spring Break are creepy. Every creak and groan of the buildings are audible, and every draft echoes through the halls. Add the buzz of just finishing a rewarding Spring Break building homes in Miami with Habitat for Humanity with the impending approach of the end of the semester with no plans for the summer and I’m in one heck of a headspace.

I had applied to work at Philmont, the best place on earth. I’d been there this past summer and fell in love with it. The tranquility of the blue mountain sky and the gentle breeze on the trail did something to me that I’ve yet to capture anywhere else. I longed to be a Ranger (a backpacking guide), but I would work any job as long as it meant living in paradise, even in the dining hall.

I had turned my application in around Christmas. That was four months ago, and so far nothing. No phone calls, no emails, no postmarked letters, nothing. I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to find a job in a restaurant or a store or something mundane. I know Mom and Dad would be happy having me at home, but a whole summer in the suburbs would be the worst.

I unlock the door to my room. Even though there was maybe one guy on my floor, the habit of locking my room was so ingrained that I did it on instinct. Lunch was terrible; there was no salad bar out, and I couldn’t stand the cheap burgers and cardboard pizza they served during breaks. I shut the door behind me and reach for the frosted flakes on the top shelf. I power up my laptop, shoving a handful of cereal into my mouth. Maybe I could try to find Doctor Who on the internet. A few people had mentioned it to me, saying that I might like it. It’s some British show about aliens and time travel and whatnot. First things first, check email. Another habit I struggle to break to this day.

School email shows nothing important, just a few bulletins and whatnot. My personal email account is also mainly junk. I delete them without a second thought, wondering what websites out there are most likely to have Doctor Who-

An email from Barbara Garcia sits in my inbox. I don’t know a Barbara Garcia, but just as I’m about to delete it I notice the title of the email: PHILMONT JOB OFFER 2011. My hand shakes as I double click on the email. It reads:


Dear Mr. Meyer,


We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for the seasonal position of Ranger 1 for the 2011 Philmont Scout Ranch Staff! The dates of employment-


My hands shake even more as I set my laptop down, a huge grin on my face. I rush to the door, throw it open, and take a huge breath. I sprint down the hall, whooping and skipping every few yards. I glance around sheepishly, relieved that no one else witnessed my excitement. I’m going back to Philmont!

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