Lust (and an update)

I haven’t posted much these past few months so I could focus on finishing my novel, Elements. Good news on that front: draft one is finished! It was a long time coming, but I finished it a couple weeks ago and will start editing in the next couple days.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten a chance to write some other stuff, including an entry to Becoming Writer’s Anniversary Contest (read it here). Here’s a story about the morning after a night out. Based on this prompt at Write To Done, an excellent resource on all things writing.


Randy groaned. His head pounded. The rough carpet scratched his face and naked chest. He cracked his eyes open. The room spun. An empty beer bottle lay to his right. He caught a purple armchair in the corner of his eye. “Where the hell am I?” he said.

“You don’t remember?” a girl said behind him.

Randy began to sit up when his stomach started to heave. He lay back down. “Ugggn….” he moaned.

“Please don’t move if you’re gonna puke. I really don’t feel like cleaning the carpet,” the girl said. Footsteps vibrated against the floor, causing Randy to retch. Bare feet strode past him to the purple chair. Randy looked up to see the most alluring, radiant girl he had ever seen sitting on the arm of the chair. “You were a lot of fun last night, babe,” she said, looking at her nails.

“Wait, is that my shirt?” Randy asked, recognizing the dark stain he’d bought it with from the thrift store.

The girl nodded, standing up. Randy’s gaze gravitated to her round hips and toned legs. “You really didn’t want to wear it. To be honest, neither do I.” She began to unbutton the shirt, walking to the fridge and opening it. “Come back to bed when you feel better. This should help. Just don’t puke on my carpet.” She dropped a green bottle on the ground next to Randy and walked away, tossing his shirt on him.

Randy lunged for the bottle and tasted bile. He grabbed it with both hands, twisted the cap off, and chugged. He barely tasted it and focused on those perfect legs. He set the bottle down, staring at the white wall, stomach writhing within him. He closed his eyes, lay his head on the floor-

He felt great. Alert, nothing in his stomach. He stood up quickly. The room stayed still. Smiling, he dropped the green bottle, grabbed his shirt, and walked after her.

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