Bonito Valley

A breeze gently caresses my boiling face. The New Mexico sun beats down on me through the aspens and ponderosas, and my mouth aches with thirst. My feet are burning in certain spots; a strenuous six mile day will do that to a man. Nevertheless, I hike on. Our destination is only a mile away.

We climb over a rise, and a smile creeps onto my face. We had been hiking through dense alpine forest all day, when all of a sudden the land opens up before my eyes. Lush, green grass shimmers in the sunlight. The relaxing breeze draws waves over the turf, and the air smells better, more fresh. I feel the rest of my crew light up around me; they are clearly as awestruck as I was. This was only day two of our adventure, and already I could taste the excitement, the thirst for more adventure, welling up inside me.

Ending the day on such a gorgeous scene, Bonito Valley had snuck up on me and stolen my heart. I’ve seen plenty of gorgeous places and people in my life thus far, but nothing has quite captivated me like this. Yet.

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